Most artichoke dips could justifiably be called mayonnaise and cheese dips, given what goes into them.

To create a more nutritious rendition, we looked to bean dip to provide a creamy base that contributed protein and fiber instead of saturated fat. We thought that the vegetal artichokes (high in vitamins K and C and various minerals) would partner well with the earthy-sweet but mild beans, adding some needed character.

We chose navy beans for their velvety texture, rinsing them to remove excess sodium. Using canned beans and jarred artichoke hearts kept the recipe easy. To increase the creaminess of our dip and add a filling burst of protein, we incorporated Greek yogurt.

Finally, a healthy dose of lemon juice, garlic, parsley, and scallion added fresh flavor and brightness. Serve with vegetables, whole-grain crackers, or whole-grain chips.

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