National Black Theatre Festival Opening Night (copy)

Actress and celebrity teen co-chair Colby Christina at the National Black Theatre Festival’s Opening Night Gala

Colby Christina is the National Black Theatre Festival celebrity teen co-chair for the third year. She is an actress, TV talk- show host — “Colby’s Corner” — dancer, singer, model, choreographer, motivational speaker. She is an AUDELCO Rising Star Award recipient.

We asked her five questions about being an actor.

Q: What inspired you to pursue a career in theater?

Answer: Peggy Alston (emeritus director of the Restoration Youth Arts Academy) and the Billie Holiday Theatre (under the leadership of Marjorie Moon) was the prominent person who introduced me to theater. Ms. Peggy always pushed me to be my best and perform my best. I started dancing first at the age of 2, so theater has technically been in my life forever. It allows me to express myself on many levels. Being a triple threat (singing, dancing and acting) is truly remarkable, and I can’t thank all the people who have inspired me to continue to pursue my dreams in this arena.

Q: Have you had any particular challenges or obstacles along the way in your show business career?

Answer: People have to realize that you are going to face no’s, but every no is a step towards that yes. I haven’t had any real challenges or obstacles. However, I will say that the only thing that can stop you is yourself, so stay determined and strong and it will certainly pay off.

Q: What’s your favorite part of performing?

Answer: My favorite part about performing is the energy I receive from the audience. The audience feeds my fire to perform. It uplifts me and refreshes me tremendously.

Q: What’s your least favorite part of performing?

Answer: I don’t really have a least favorite. Of course, continuous performing and classes (college) tap into your sleep at times, but that end result is more than worth it no matter how many 18-20 hour days you endure.

Q: Who were/are your influences?

Answer: My influences are my fellow AUDELCO Award Winners like Denzel Washington, Kerry Washington and Andre DeShields.

I love Mr. Woodie King. He started calling me a younger Phylicia Rashad the first time he met me. I would love to work with her in my future.

I love George Faison (“The Wiz”), Jackie Alexander (NBTF artistic director) and so many others.

I also admire Viola Davis and Idris Elba and would love to work with them too.

I also enjoy the work of Spike Lee, Deon Taylor, Will Packer, Malcolm Lee and others right now.

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