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IPRSE M/WBE Sub Quotes Project: City of Winston-Salem Zion Neighborhood Sewer Rehabilitation Project Bids: September 5th, 2019 Quotes Returned September 2nd COB Scopes Needed: Contractors: Pre CCTV & Cleaning, sanitary sewer, mainline pipe, 8-18"diameters Pre CCTV & Cleaning, sanitary sewer services, 4-6" diameters CIPP Spot Repairs, 8-12" diameters CIPP Service Rehabilitation, 4-6" Diameters Sanitary Manhole Rehab, Cementitious Liner Grout Injection Replace Manhole Frame & Cover Locate, Uncover, & Raise Manhole to New Grade Concrete driveway, paving, sidewalk, & curb/gutter repair/replacement Asphalt pavement repair (base & surface course) Easement clearing Erosion Control Silt fence, construction entrance, seeding/ mulching Traffic Control Storm Pipe, remove & replace, 12-18" Dia. Suppliers Sewer Pipe & Fittings HDPE, PVC, & DIP, 4-18" diameters Precast Concrete Manholes Manhole Ring & Covers Water Pipe & Fittings 3/4 " & 1" Service material Asphalt, deliver to site Concrete, deliver to site Aggregate, deliver to site RCP Pipe, 12-18" Contact Sherrie Sommerville for Specs/Plans - 832-948-4541 IPRSE EOE WSJ: August 27, 2019


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