Request for Quote FOR CONSTRUCTION TRADES AND MATERIALS FOR North Mill Creek Outfall Replacement Located in Winston Salem NC Please reply above with your intent or interest to Thalle Construction Co: ASAP. Respond with offer by August 27, 2019 10:00 AM Proposals are encouraged to be on company letterhead, with scope and pricing noting scope inclusions or exclusions, contact info, and applicable business utilization participation NOTE contractor/ business License Number Respond to:.; fax 919-241-1659 Corp Phone 919.245.1490 Thalle Construction Company; 900 NC HWY 86 North, Hillsborough NC 27278 care of Vincent Zannini direct 919.241.1635 PROJECT SCOPE; Construction and installation of Sanitary Sewer lines (6,260 LF of 42"- 8,500 LF of 36", 960 LF 8", 320 LF 10" 200 LF 12", 80 LF 16", 100 LF 18", and 60 LF of 24"; 98 sanitary sewer manholes), manhole lining, 400 LF of 60" trenchless crossing in NCDOT, Norfolk-Southern Railway and City of Winston-Salem maintained rights-of-way, temporary bypass pumping of all sanitary sewer flows while performing the work, existing manhole abandonment, and other miscellaneous work. MATERIALS AND TRADES: Survey, Precast Manholes, Pipe and fittings, rock excavation, Jack and bore, clearing and grubbing, bypass pumping, Manhole coatings, dump truck hauling, erosion control, seeding, stream bank stablization, aggregate, Aspahlt paving, fencing, BID DOCUMENTS are available from hyper-link Also project documents can be obtained obtained/viewed by appointment at Thalle's office in Hillsborough NC and Winston Salem Purchasing Dept. BUSINESS UTILIZATION: MBE/WBE/DBE firms are encouraged to participate & will be listed at time of bid, Work & materials may be combined or divided to facilitate maximum participation. Subcontractors are obliged to sublet to 2nd & 3rd tier DBE subcontractors. DBE firms needing assistance with obtaining bonding, loan capital, lines of credit, insurance, quickpay & payment-agreements, obtaining equipment & supplies materials or negotiate joint venture & partnership arrangements can contact Thalle for assistance. Thalle will negotiate fairly with interested DBE firms & will not reject firms as unqualified without sound reasons WSJ: August 14, 2019