NOTICE TO PRE-QUALIFIED BIDDERS Date: August 28, 2019 RE: Wilkes Community College Ashe Campus Building West Jefferson, North Carolina JRV Project #: 191042 To All Pre-Qualified Bidders: Your firm has been chosen to be included on a select Bidders List for the construction of the above referenced project. Sealed Bid Proposals will be received by Vannoy Construction Co., Inc. until 2:00 PM at 363 Campus Drive, West Jefferson, NC 28694 in Room 205 on the 17th of September 2019. At which time, all received proposals will be opened and publicly read for the supply of all labor, materials, equipment, tools and supervision required for the complete and functional construction of this phase of the project. Complete plans, specification and contract documents are available on the link below. A pre-bid meeting will be held on September 4th, 2019 2:00 pm at 363 Campus Drive, West Jefferson, NC 28694 in Room 207 All bidders who intend to submit a proposal for this project are strongly encouraged to attend this pre-bid meeting and participate as applicable. Failure to participate will not be grounds for additional compensation. Meeting minutes will be drafted and distributed as part of Addendum #1. Sealed bid submissions are due on the following dates for the listed bid packages. No facsimile or email submissions are permitted. Legibly print on the outside of the bid envelop the following information: Project Name, Bid Package #, Bid Package Description that are included as indicated below: C/O Vannoy Construction Co., Inc. Project Name: WCC Ashe Campus Building BP No.: (x) Bid Package Description Sealed bids are to be delivered to the following address prior to 3:00 PM on 9/16/19: If you elect to Mail or Drop Off Bid forms early send to: Vannoy Construction Attn: McKenzie Wilson 1608 US HWY 221 North Jefferson, North Carolina 28640 AM Delivery (Before 9:00 AM) on date of bid as noted above. Vannoy Construction will receive, open and read publicly all proposals received. Bid packages are as follows: BP400 Masonry BP600 General Trades BP640 Casework BP725 Applied Fireproofing BP740 Metal Wall Panels BP750 Roofing BP790 Caulking/ Waterproofing/ Air Barriers BP800 Doors/Hardware/Div. 10 Specialties BP840 Glazing Systems BP850 Overhead Doors BP920 Drywall Assemblies BP960 Flooring BP990 Painting BP1000 Signage BP1150 Lab Equipment BP1200 Window Treatments BP1300 Pre-Engineered Metal Building Systems BP1400 Elevators BP1540 Plumbing BP1550 HVAC BP1600 Electrical All Bidders are strongly encouraged to include opportunities for Minority Business participation wherever possible in their respective Bid submission. Minority Business is a part of this contract and must comply with the State of North Carolina Construction. The bidder shall include with the bid proposal the form Identification of Minority Business Participation identifying the minority business participation it will use on the project and shall include either Affidavit A or Affidavit B as applicable. Forms and instructions are included within the Proposal Form in the bid documents. Failure to complete these forms is grounds for rejection of the bid. (GS143-128.2c Effective 1/1/2002.) Bid Security (Bid Bond) Requirement: Bid Bonds are required on all bid packages that meet or exceed $300,000.00 in total value. Performance and Payment Bond Requirement: Required on all bid packages that meet or exceed $100,000.00 in total value. Performance and payment bond requirement will be bid as an alternate. The Construction Manager and Owner reserve the right to add pre-qualified bidders. The Construction Manager and Owner reserve the right to reject any and all proposals. Bids received may not be withdrawn within 60 days after the bid date and time, except as required by law. All bidder questions pertaining to the project must be submitted on written form (via mail, fax or email) to the Construction Manager, Vannoy Construction Co., Inc. for processing to the Design Professional and/or Owner as required. Applicable responses to questions will be issued in the form of an addendum by the Construction Manager to all pre-qualified bidders. Bidder questions shall be addressed to: Vannoy Construction Co., Inc McKenzie Wilson Vannoy Construction Co., Inc 1608 US HWY 221 North Jefferson, North Carolina 28640 Phone: (336) 846-7191 Fax: (336) 846-7110 Email: Minority business participation is a part of this contract, strongly encouraged and must comply with the Wilkes County policies and reporting, including the reporting of payments to Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) during construction. Minority business participation goal is 10%. In accordance with General Statute GS 133-3, specifications may list one or more preferred brans as an alternate to the base bid in limited circumstances. Specifications containing a preferred brand alternate under this section must identify the performance standards that support the preference. Performance standards for the preference must be approved in advance by the Owner in an open meeting. Any alternate approved by the Owner shall be approved only where (i) the preferred alternate will provide cost savings, maintain or improve the functioning of any process or system affected by the preferred item or items, or both and (ii) a justification identifying these criteria is made available in writing to the public. On behalf of Wilkes Community College and Vannoy Construction we thank you in advance for the valuable time and effort you will be expending pursuing and preparing your bid proposal. Should you require additional direction, please contact Vannoy Construction, James Morgan at (336) 846-7191 or via email WSJ: August 29, 2019


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