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Joanna Galindo had a simple reason for joining the Winston-Salem Prep indoor and outdoor track teams.

“Honestly, I thought the Junior ROTC program would want you to be fit so I looked at the track teams,” she said. “I want to go to college and then go into the Army. The Army is more wild. When you think of the Army you think of hard training in the woods and out in the open.”

Galindo competed in the 300 and 500 along with the 4x400 relay during the indoor season. She’s concentrating on the 400 and 800 runs during the outdoor season. Galindo, a sophomore for the Phoenix, has even decided to try the shot put.

“I see a lot of people trying it in practice so it got my attention,” she said. “I went up to the coach and asked if I could try it. I think with a little practice I can throw a great distance so I signed up for it.”

She said she prefers the longer runs in the outdoor season. “The 400 is my favorite,” Galindo said. “It is mixed with dash and mixed with distance. I liked the 300 in the indoor season. It’s like a speed thing and I’m not really a speed person but I liked it.”

Running track for the first time hasn’t come without its aches and pains, according to Galindo.

“You have muscle strains,” she said. “My left leg aches after practice. I will ice it and exercise it so it doesn’t hurt when I’m running.”

She said running outside, even when it’s cold, is preferable to running inside.

“I feel like the atmosphere is against you when you’re running in a room with the heat,” Galindo said. “I like running outside when it’s cold. You can’t really feel it when you’re running.”

In addition to preparing for a career in the Army, Galindo said track was a great way to meet new friends.

“I even got a boyfriend, Allan Arellano, but I won’t let it be serious,” she said. “Around other people he’s very quiet but he won’t shut up when he’s around me.”

Galindo said there was one experience during the indoor season she’ll make sure doesn’t repeat itself this spring. “I was a few yards from the finish line when a spike came loose and I fell,” she said. “The crowd kept cheering and I got up and finished the race. I don’t want to fall again.”

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