Winston-Salem Journal: Solar Bear Ride

Solar Bear Ride

  • October 8-10
  • Leaving from the Journal Thursday Oct. 8

    Picnic at Tanglewood Shelter Number 1. 5-7:30 pm Saturday Oct. 17

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Solar Bear 2015 Sponsors
Scott Sexton
  • Scott Sexton
  • Education: University of North Carolina at Greensboro Occupation: Columnist, Winston-Salem Journal
    Family: Son, 19, and a daughter, 17
    Experience: Not much – a little over two years. Frequently left behind, but have completed several long-distance rides
    Why I ride: First time crossing the state, I ride for my health – mental and physical – and because it’s fun to see how I stack up.
Amy Canter
  • Amy Canter
  • Education: University of Southern Maine, University of Maine. Master’s, UNCG
    Occupation:Registered dietitian, Health coach
    Family:Married to Matt, 15 year old step-daughter
    Experience: Recreational rider, with a few cyclocross races.
    Why I ride: To spend time in nature, prevent disease, keep a clear head and enjoy time with my husband and friends.

Matt Canter
  • Matt Canter
  • Education: North Forsyth High
    Occupation: Service manager at Ken's Bike Shop
    Family: Married to Amy, 15 year old daughter
    Experience: Riding long distances and racing since 1989
    Why he rides: "Just the ability to go out on a bicycle and come back with a clear, happy head."
David Fain
  • David Fain
  • Education: East Carolina University
    Occupation: Business Owner of Fain Enterprises, Inc. &
    Family: Married to Sherrie Fain, two children, Jake age 16 and Bouldin age 10.
    Experience: Bike riding was my primary means of transportation when I was a kid. I rode everywhere….. More recently, I’ve participated in Triathlons and in area distance cycling events.
    Why he rides: Fellowship, competition, good health and a love for the outdoors. I loved riding bikes as a kid and about 6 years ago, after many “inactive” years, decided to get moving again. I first began Swimming at the Y
Carl Karpinski
  • Carl Karpinski
  • Education: East Carolina University
    Occupation:Professional Solar Bear
    Family: Married, three sons ages 26, 24 and 19.
    Experience: Has been riding since 1993, triathlete, long-distance rider.
    Why he rides: For his health, the camaraderie and being outdoors. “We’re not afraid to ask people where we are.”
Jim Olson
  • Jim Olson
  • Education: North Carolina State University
    Occupation: Businessman
    Family: Married, two daughters ages 22 and 18
    Experience: Triathlete, long-distance rider, swimmer.
Jim Vaughan
  • Jim Vaughan
  • Education: Bowling Green State University, Ohio Northern University School of Law
    Occupation: Attorney, Blanco Tackbery & Matamoros, P.A.
    Family: Married, two children – a 21-year-old daughter and a 18-year-old son.
    Experience: Started riding in the 1980s, gave it up for 25 years, then started back up six years ago at age 50. Has logged more than a total of about 25,000 miles and climbed more than 1,000,000 feet, or more than 34 ascents of Mt. Everest from sea level.
    Why he rides: To stay in shape, enjoyment and competition between friends. “I like riding with people of similar ability wh
David Welch
  • David Welch
  • Education: University of North Carolina
    Occupation: Bank of the Ozarks as a Commercial Loan Officer
    Family: Married; two sons, 24 and 22
    Experience: Triathlete, long-distance rider for eight years.
    Why he rides: "I enjoy doing this stuff because I don't know how much longer I'll be able to do it. So I'm going to as long as this old body allows."
Philip Welch
  • Philip Welch
  • Education: Elon University, MBA South College
    Occupation: VP, Commercial Banker for IBERIABANK in Georgia
    Education: Elon College, MBA South College
    Family: One son, 5
    Experience: Has been riding consistently for five years.
    Why he rides: : I ride for the enjoyment, exercise and meeting new people and other riders. Cycling gives you such an incredible high and keeps your energy level high. Riding in the mountains though very hard, is my favorite pass time for it allows me to forget about all the unnecessary worries and enjoy the incredible views and scenery.
Fred Williams
  • Fred Williams
  • Education: Miami (Ohio)
    Occupation: Wells Fargo, sales consultant
    Family: Married, two children, a son 17 (Reynolds) and a daughter, 15 (Mt. Tabor).
    Experience: In addition to cycling I have participated in multiple sprint and half Iron Man Triathlons, Mistletoe Half Marathons, MS Rides, Multiple Grand Fondo rides, and when not on the roads, Mountain and Cross biking.
    Why he rides: "With work and kids, there's always something going on, so it's great to be able to let your mind go, enjoy the scenery and get a good workout at the same time."
Jeffrey Schreiber
  • Jeffrey Schreiber
  • Education: Guilford College, Emory Goizueta Business School
    Occupation: Operational Risk Leader, Synchrony Financial
    Family: Married, daughter 18 and son 14
    Experience: Triathlete, prior MS 150 rides
    Why he rides: I like a quote from Robin Williams: “Cycling is the closest thing to flying that you can do on the ground”. I ride for scenery, camaraderie and so that I can eat like a horse when I’m done. All the better to do it to benefit an organization that gives hope to people dealing with cancer.
Peter Nachland
  • Peter Nachland
  • Education: Appalachian State University
    Occupation: Procurement Services, Wake Forest University
    Family: Married, daughter 18 and son 14
    Experience: Completing many of the North Carolina long distance charity bicycle rides since 2009. Most notable is Blood Sweat Gears (BSG) 2011 – 2015.
    Why he rides: Primarily for the benefit of an exercise program and the opportunity to fellowship with people with common interest and goals. “Since I can not dog sled in the south, bicycling is the next best outdoor activity”.
Keith Davis
  • Keith Davis
  • Education: Davidson College; MBA from Wake Forest University
    Occupation: Owner ~ Fleet Feet Sports and New Balance Winston-Salem
    Family: Wife (Emily) and 3 children: Addison (8), Hope (6) and Samantha (8 mos.)
    Experience: Triathlete for 17 years and finisher of 10 Ironman triathlons
    Why he rides: I love swimming, biking, and running, but there is just something special about pedaling a bike. It is a great combination of exercise, competition, sightseeing and social hour- all wrapped up together!
Tommy Jonas, Jr.
  • Tommy Jonas, Jr.
  • Education: University of North Carolina at Greensboro
    Occupation: Senior Support Specialist, Inmar
    Family: Married; beautiful wife and 3 grown step sons.
    Experience: Triathlete for 17 years and finisher of 10 Ironman triathlons
    Why he rides: It’s my therapist, mentally cleansing and physically challenging! Cycling is a great past time, and with the saddle time you build friendships that can’t be replaced!
Manuel Gutierrez
  • Manuel Gutierrez
  • Education: Forsyth Technical Community College
    Occupation: Busboy, Cimarron
    Family: Mom. Dad. Two brothers. A dog. A cat. A duck. And two turtles.
    Experience: Four weeks of training for the Solar Bear ride
    Why he rides: To get a sense of freedom!
Marcel Gutierrez
  • Marcel Gutierrez
  • Education: West Forsyth High School
    Occupation: Sales associate, Aeropostale
    Family: Mom. Dad. Two brothers. A dog. A cat. A duck. And two turtles.
    Experience: Racing for several years. 2015 NC/SC Junior road race champ and NC/SC Junior criterium champ.
    Why he rides: For the challenge.
Bert Gutierrez
  • Bert Gutierrez
  • Education: Florida International University
    Occupation: Reporter, Winston-Salem Journal
    Family: Married 20 years. Three sons: 18, 17 and 14. Mercy.
    Experience: Criteriums. Road races. Cookie rides. Twenty-five years.
    Why he rides: I ride to prove myself wrong.


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