Winston-Salem Journal: Against Their Will

Thursday, May 5th, 2016

Against Their Will

ABOUT THE SERIES:The full story of North Carolina's ambitious sterilization program has never been told. It's been hidden behind sealed records. It's a story of pain and prejudice, and of good intentions and arrogance. It's a legacy that survivors still carry. With little oversight, the Eugenics Board of North Carolina ordered the sterilization of thousands of the state's most vulnerable citizens. Like programs elsewhere, the N.C. board began with high hopes of building a better society. But it evolved into something altogether different and troubling.

In December of 2002, the Winston-Salem Journal published a five-part series, “Against Their Will,” that examined in stunning detail North Carolina’s eugenics program, whose goal was the systematic elimination of undesirable genetic strains in the population.

Part Two

Part Four

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